Due Taganga's unique location it offers exceptional dive sites. You dive in multi-coloured fauna of a wide variety of sizes. The area of coral begins at "Banco of the Animas", continues around the "Rodadero", the "Morro" off Santa Marta and in Taganga where the water deepens.

It extends to the area surrounding the "Cabo San Juan". In fact the mountain submerges into the sea and below this the dense rocks are covered with all types of perfectly preserved corals.

The water temperature varies at different times of year. In the period from December to April, you can count on temperatures around 21° C and visibility of up to 30 m. During the rest of the year the water temperature is between 24° and 28°C and visibility decreases a little.


Our area has great diversity of species in large numbers among which you will find: French Angelfish, Blue Surgeonfish, Butterflyfish Parrotfish, Filefish, Yellowtail Snapper, Balloonfish, Hind, Grouper, Barracuda, Green Moray Eel, Spotted Scorpionfish, Trunkfish, Trumpetfish, Rays, Grunt and Porkfisk along with many others too numerous to mention.

Among the varieties of coral you will see Elkhorn Coral, (especially at el Torin), Finger Coral, Star Coral, Giant Brain Coral, Fire Coral, Spiny Disc Coral, Sea Fan Coral, Ivory Coral And Lettuce Coral of which there is an amazing amount at Punta Calichan.

We are happy to be able say that, in truth, in the area you will find an abundance of all species of Caribbean fauna.

Support from dolphins

The majority of the sites are relatively shallow, (between 5 and 25m). There are others which allow us to dive to 40 metres. Each dive is planned according to your level of diving experience.


The arid rocks, rising out of the sea at 30 minutes from Taganga, provide a wide offering of very interesting dives.


Here the experienced diver can dive to depths of up to 40m,and enjoy the still untouched virgin fauna. Here you will find, at a depth of around 25m, a mountain covered by lettuce coral. Another dive is in still clear waters to a shallow sandy bottom which makes it ideal for the less experienced diver.


A dive, for experienced divers, in a current during which you will see spectacular fauna, barracudas and impressive coral gardens.


Without a doubt one of the dives which almost guarantees the best visibility. We dive to 18m on a reef covered with a wide variety of coral species with impressively large colonies of moose and brain corals.


Here there are small caves, a depth of 20m and varied corals.


Another current dive where we invariably see large moray eals and lobsters.


Not a dive site for the inexperienced or faint-hearted due the constant and heavy seas. This is one of the areas where you can find some of the largest specimens of fish.


Is a small rock a little off the"Isla Aguja" and is an ideal site for deep dives. Here we dive to 40m. In an area festooned with black corals. Experienced divers can cross from Morrito Largo to the Isla Aguja viewing giant sponges, which grow in the current, along the way. This dive is only possible when there is no lateral current.


The second bay in Tayrona National Park, a beautiful dive with lots of fauna, features interesting and a beautiful view of the unspoilt "Playa Brava".


This is one of the few off-shores dive sites at which we dive to between 20 and 40 m to find two large rocks with small caves in which a variety of species can be found.

These, due to time and distance factors, are our regular clients most popular sites. We can however take you to many of the other coves and bays in TAYRONA NATIONAL PARK which offer magnificent dive sites.
We organise, according to demand, excursions to the following sites which are only accessible when there are light winds.


Is some 50 minutes by launch from Taganga, on the beach there is a traditional palm thatched kiosk with hammocks. We can organise a lunch of typical freshly caught fish for you after your dive.

We arrive at a golden sandy beach from which you dive and explore a wonderful garden of elkhorn coral.

From Gairaca we go to other dive locations such as el Cueva del Toro, la piedra ahogada and las barritas of Gairaca.


About 10 minutes from Gairaca, and 40 minutes from Taganga, a shallow dive in frequently crystal clear water.

We have limited space for descriptions of all the wonderful sites at your disposal.

We hope this brief list will fire your imagination of the wealth submarine species you can see in this still virgin and relatively unknown area.

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